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We only breed dogs approved fit for breeding. In order to be considered for breed eligibility a dog must have been evaluated in conformation with performance tests and passed standard as 'Zuchttauglich' or fit for breeding.

To be approved fit for breeding (Zuchttauglich), our dogs must have:
- passed performance tests (IPO);
- attained the highest grades in beauty contests;
- been approved 'Hip Dysplasia Free' as evaluated by original certificates issued by the institute 'Ce.Le.Ma.Sche'. Personal codes are also issued by the breeder. Registered DNA.
All of the above is recognized by the FCI (International Federation of Kennel Clubs), the Italian Kennel Club (National Board of Italian Cynophiles) and the RCI (Italian Rottweiler Club).
As we constantly try to improve the quality of our litters, our rottweilers are carefully selected.
This breeding method guarantees high-level temperamental and morphological standards, which are the basis of a domestic, service or guard dog

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